Our Toddler Programs Inspire and Open the Door to Learning

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Developmental needs of toddlers differ from older children.  They are learning to walk, talk, play, and make friends.

Our teachers work individually with the children to help them reach important milestones and enhance their overall development.

At this age, toddlers are racing to understand and explore their new physical and cognitive abilities.  Teachers present a wide-range of activities designed to keep pace with your child’s developmental needs.  Enriching activities that include books and literacy, fine and gross motor activities, creative thinking and expression, and math and science concepts will stimulate your child’s curiosity and interest.

We enhance the individual development of each toddler through warm interactions and an innovative learning environment.  Potty training usually happens during this phase of development and, at Begin With Us, we follow the child’s lead.

Additionally, toddlers are beginning to navigate communication and positive interpersonal skills.  Teachers support this development by encouraging self-control, problem solving, and positive interactions with others.  Contact us to learn how we may help foster your toddler’s curiosity and independence.

Begin With Us Toddler Program

Developmentally Appropriate Programs

The Begin With Us Toddler Program will help your child reach important growth and development milestones. Some examples include:

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Language and Literacy Development

  • Uses new vocabulary to name objects
  • Begins to recognize letters
  • Starts to use back and forth conversations with others
  • Follows simple directions
  • Expresses thoughts, feelings, and ideas

Physical Development

  • Coordinates arm and leg movements when engaged in an activity
  • Attempts to jump
  • Transfers objects from one hand to the other
  • Picks up and manipulates objects
  • Uses eating utensils

Social and Emotional Development

  • Labels basic emotions
  • Makes simple choices
  • Displays possessiveness
  • Seeks attention from trusted adults
  • Shows interest in new activities
Toddler Daycare Program Altoona PA

What Our Parents Say

Altoona PA Daycare
  • We have been part of the Begin With Us family for almost eight years. Our youngest is now a toddler and I love to see how much he learns each day. At different times of the day, I've seen him counting, working on the alphabet, participating in reading time, and singing and dancing. He loves his teachers and his friends. The teachers are loving, fun, and energetic. They all really do feel like part of our family, and we are so thankful for them!

    - Andrea G.

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