Formal Active Learning Curriculum for Age 3

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Our Preschool curriculum is designed to introduce your child to formal, active learning in a fun and nurturing way.

Each week our expert teachers focus on lessons that encourage natural curiosity and discovery.  Experienced teachers capitalize on every important opportunity to develop a tailored learning environment for each child.

Our well-planned days provide many exciting opportunities for both small and whole group interactions.  Self-directed play and daily activities guided by our teachers will support the development of your child’s independence and confidence.  Contact us to learn how we may help foster your Preschooler’s joy of learning.

Begin With Us Preschool Program

Developmentally Appropriate Programs

Our Preschool Program will help your child master important preschool skills.  Some examples include:

Altoona PA Daycare

Language and Literacy

  • Recognizes upper case letters
  • Understands the difference between real and make-believe
  • Retells simple stories
  • Listens and understands directions
  • Uses short sentences
  • Explores a variety of print materials
  • Uses new vocabulary
  • Explains a drawing with words


  • Counts numbers 1-20
  • Compares and sorts objects
  • Identifies shapes
  • Uses standard and non-standard units of measurement
  • Builds and describes geometric shapes


  • Uses senses to observe, explore, and gather information
  • Investigates such things as weather, seasonal changes, and changes in the environment
  • Acquires knowledges about living and non-living things
  • Explores the physical properties of objects
  • Conducts simple investigations to explore a topic
  • Demonstrates responsible use of technology
  • Identifies foods that keep bodies healthy
  • Practices basic hygiene routines

Social Studies

  • Develops an understanding of themselves within a community
  • Develops an understanding of a sequence of events and how people and places change over time
  • Explores the roles of community workers, the use of money, and the production of goods and services
  • Identifies basic American symbols
  • Describes the characteristics of home and frequently visited locations

Creative Thinking

  • Explores art activities and media
  • Dances and sings
  • Participates in a variety of dramatic play experiences
  • Uses imagination and creativity to express self

Gross Motor

  • Participates in daily physical play
  • Marches, hops, runs, jumps, and dances
  • Climbs on outdoor play equipment
  • Demonstrates coordination and balance

Fine Motor

  • Cuts simple shapes
  • Traces letters and name
  • Dresses, buttons, and zips clothing

Social & Emotional Development

  • Follows two-step directions
  • Takes turns
  • Engages in reciprocal communication
  • Shows affection and empathy
  • Cooperates with other children
Preschool Daycare Program Altoona PA

What Our Parents Say

Altoona PA Daycare
  • We feel like Begin With Us is a second home for us and Sophia after having the most incredible last two years with our twins (Landon and McKenna) here! They have more than prepared them for kindergarten socially and academically. We LOVE this program and we LOVE the staff and teachers! Thank you for all you do Begin With Us!

    - Amber S.

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