The Foundation for a Successful Transition into Kindergarten for Ages 4 and 5

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The Pre-K program is designed so that your child masters important kindergarten readiness skills in a hands-on learning environment.

Each classroom is an inviting environment carefully constructed to provide plenty of space for learning.  Our Pre-K curriculum stimulates children’s curiosity and desire to learn.  Daily activities are enhanced by carefully selected materials, special outings, and classroom guest speakers.

Curriculum assessments are conducted three time per year.  Formal, detailed progress reports are presented to parents in the fall, winter and spring.  A comprehensive developmental screening with a social-emotional component is completed to ensure your child’s individual success.

Teachers work closely with local public school districts and parents during this important transitional year.  Let us partner with you to establish learning and developmental goals for your child.

At the end of our Pre-Kindergarten year, the family is invited to our formal graduation ceremony.  The children shine with pride as they showcase a sampling of what they have learned during their school year at Begin With Us!

Altoona PA Pre-Kindergarten Program

Developmentally Appropriate Programs

Teachers work closely with the local school districts to ensure that our Pre-Kindergarten program will help your child successfully transition to kindergarten.  Our Pre-K program will help your child master important kindergarten readiness skills, including:

Altoona PA Daycare

Language and Literacy

  • Recognizes rhyme and alliteration
  • Begins to identify sight words
  • Begins to write/spell phonetically
  • Initiates conversations and responds appropriately to others
  • Connects new information to prior experiences
  • Uses complete sentences
  • Handles books appropriately
  • Explains a drawing with words


  • Counts and recognizes numbers 1-20
  • Describes and extends patterns
  • Represents numbers in various ways
  • Compares numbers with greater than, less than, or equal to
  • Understands basic addition and subtraction
  • Recognizes, names, compares, and draws two and three dimensional shapes
  • Utilizes graphs to better understand data


  • Uses tools to explore materials
  • Makes predictions; compares, contrasts, and classifies data
  • Acquires knowledge about earth and space
  • Conducts simple investigations to explore a topic
  • Demonstrates responsible use of technology
  • Identifies foods that keep bodies healthy
  • Practices basic hygiene routines

Social Studies

  • Develops an understanding of a sequence of events and how people and places change over time
  • Explores the roles of community workers, the use of money, and the production of goods and services
  • Identifies a problem and discusses possible solutions
  • Participates as a responsible citizen of the classroom
  • Understands concepts of how money is used

Creative Thinking

  • Uses a variety of visual art forms for creative expression and representation
  • Expresses themselves through movement and music
  • Develops an appreciation for a variety of art forms
  • Recreates a dramatic play experience

Gross Motor

  • Moves with rhythm and performs motions
  • Throws and catches
  • Moves body with intentionality
  • Demonstrates coordination and balance

Fine Motor

  • Writes upper and lower case letters
  • Cuts with accuracy
  • Dresses self

Social and Emotional Development

  • Uses manners
  • Understands rules and consequences
  • Acts out family roles
  • Prefers cooperative play
  • Distinguishes between emotions and identifies socially accepted ways to express them

Our Pre-K Day

Altoona PA Daycare


Each day always begins with a nutritious breakfast. The children come together in a large group meeting or “Circle Time” with an introduction to their daily activities which include calendar, weather, word and sentence of the day, stories, classroom jobs, letter and number review, morning messages, and a synopsis of what the learning centers will entail for the day.


After our circle time, the children are involved in small groups that include creative activities, manipulative work, fine motor assignments, and play/floor time.  At the heart of our program, children participate in daily small, focused groups that specialize in science, math, and phonics.  Weather permitting, the children spend some morning time learning through play while climbing, sliding, skipping, and having fun in our outdoor play yard.


Begin With Us provides a wholesome, child-centered lunch prepared by our on-site chef.  Rest time follows lunch and then it’s time for our delicious afternoon snacks.  Our well-planned afternoons are filled with individual exploration with educational materials and group games.  The entire day inspires children to learn, grow, make friends, and expand beyond their horizons!
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What Our Parents Say

Altoona PA Daycare
  • Outstanding, remarkable, and unbeatable; we could go on and on! We could never recommend any other child care or preschool to anyone! The staff there are not only staff they have become friends and like a second family to us! Our daughter has not only grown into a smart child but also one who is caring and compassionate! Thank you to staff there for helping mold her into the child she is today!

    - Amanda Y.

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