Each older infant through school age classroom has a posted daily schedule.  Schedules provide a framework for planning children’s daily experiences.  The schedules are predictable, yet flexible. Schedules are followed but we allow adaptations and modifications to meet the individual needs of children and our program’s goals and objectives.

The schedules provide time for proper transitions between activities, group time, individual and self-initiated learning, centers (block, dramatic play, table activities, art, music, sensory, technology, science, writing, and relaxation), indoor and outdoor experiences, and play.  Daily schedules are responsive to the children’s needs to rest and be active.  Some classroom projects are extended over the course of several days.

Our expert caregivers offer a carefully balanced schedule of activities and rest time to meet the needs of every infant.  Each baby follows his or her own schedule for eating, sleeping, playing, and snuggling.  We provide parents with an individual daily log of activities.  The report notes naps, feedings, diaper changes, and the infant’s overall daily disposition.  We provide a smooth transition from your child’s time at Begin With Us to your time together at home.

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