Parents are invited and encouraged to be involved in their child’s days while at Begin With Us.  Over the years, parents have become an integral part of classroom celebrations, lessons, enrichment, and just plain fun!

There are many different ways in which parents can participate and volunteer at the centers.  Parents may volunteer to attend field trips, read in the classroom, assist teachers, assist with creating individual learning goals for their child, and coordinate special events or specific activities.

We view our program as a learning community in which there is constant collaboration between parents, teachers, our administration, and support service agencies.  Our overall goal is for parents to be involved in their child’s education and individual learning needs.  It is our hope that parents will share with us their unique culture and ethnicity of which their family is comprised and allow us to incorporate their customs, traditions, values, and aspirations into our program.  We hope that parents feel welcome to share openly and feel the sense of community that we create together.

Our “Parent Advisory Committee” is a great opportunity to become actively involved in program decision making.  We welcome and encourage parental participation in our program!

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