The computer enrichment program at Begin With Us is designed to give children a jumpstart at navigating a personal computer. Preschool aged children are developmentally ready to begin to discover and operate computers with teacher directed assistance and research has shown that 3 and 4 year old children who use computers in a structured learning environment have greater growth in verbal and math skills than their peers!

In this class, children will have the opportunity to learn the dos and don'ts of computers and learn basic computer terminology and manipulation. They will learn to use the mouse, basic keyboard skills and computer care. A wide variety of software programs (Clifford, Thinkin' Things, Millie's Math House, Blue's Clue's ABC Time, KidPhonics, I Spy, Zoboomafoo Animal Alphabet, KidPix and many more) are available and will be explored throughout the year. Many of these programs focus on various skills such as: language/speech acquisition, basic math, logic/problem solving, memory, patterns and letter/word recognition.

Children love computers and simply must integrate computer skills into their scholastic life!


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