Discovering together...

The Preschool program at Begin With Us presents a formal, active learning environment. We sing, dance, explore, create, imagine, build, play and have fun while we learn all day!

We have implemented a spiral, thematic based curriculum that is aligned with state standards. Each week the teachers focus on a specific, detailed theme which encourages young children's curiosity of general knowledge of their environment and the surrounding world. All activities of the week reinforce the theme. Theme topics excite the children and range from "Arctic Animals" to "Poison Awareness" to "Transportation" to "My Body".

The well-planned themes are often enriched with guest speakers who come to the center to personally explain the week's theme and the individual components of their occupation or specialty.

Throughout each day, our expert teachers capitalize on every opportunity to develop a tailored learning environment for each child. Activities are provided to develop cognitive/intellectual, fine and gross motor, language, social/emotional, creative and self-help skills. Our well-planned days provide many exciting opportunities for both small, focused group activities and large group interactions.

The cognitive/intellectual component of the Preschool curriculum begins addressing pre-reading skills for emergent readers by exposing them to a print-rich environment, encouraging them to learn about print, ask and answer questions about stories, and acquire good listening skills. The children learn to recognize letter sounds, listen to several stories each day and learn many new songs. A hands-on, manipulative-based math program introduces the concepts of number recognition, counting concrete objects, comparing and classifying and detecting similarities and differences in objects, just to name a few.

Language/communication skills are encouraged throughout the day by having the children use language to express their needs and wants effectively, speak in short sentences and retell simple stories. Children speak openly and learn at their own pace.

In the social/emotional segment, we instill in each child a concern for fairness and encourage children to demonstrate responsibility. Through our daily activities, we strive to develop a positive self-concept, a sense of competence, and we foster independence and decision-making skills. The concept of good manners is constantly reinforced with our children. "Please", "thank you", and "excuse me" are encouraged words! Social skills are also reinforced through an enjoyable monthly theme party. Your child will learn through close interactions with teachers and friends at Begin With Us.

In order to develop a child's motor skills, both large and small motor activities are provided each day. If the weather permits, the children are taken outside each day. We have a spacious, fully equipped play yard featuring our mascot, "Scorch the Dragon" slide, a climbing mountain, tunnels, bridges, sandboxes and a shaded pavilion for rest. In inclement weather we have a fully equipped inside gym for the children's enjoyment. We continuously work toward developing greater control over small muscles that are used for drawing, holding a crayon, cutting, buttoning and zipping.

The creative aspect of your child's development is addressed through songs, dancing, painting, rhyming activities and daily art activities. Creative play is an important part of a three year old's day at Begin With Us. Your child will be so proud to present work and have it displayed on your refrigerator at home!

Self-help skills are an important part of the preschool curriculum. Dressing and undressing, feeding self with spoon and fork, drinking from an open cup, bathroom responsibilities, washing hands, buttoning and zippering are all part of our busy, structured day.

The children's skills are assessed three times a year and a formal, detailed progress report is presented to the parents at scheduled conferences in November, January and May of each school year.  Together, parents and teachers establish goals for each child. Ideas for at-home activities are shared with parents to reinforce what each child is learing within the classroom.

Nutrition is addressed at Begin With Us by providing a nutritious breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. An onsite cook prepares hot meals in our modern equipped kitchen, following the state and federal guidelines.

By developing a zest for learning and an interest in schoolwork across the curriculum, we encourage safe exploration of all elements of your child's development during the Preschool year at Begin With Us. Our structured schedule provides plenty of choices and action-packed learning as well as time for having fun and making friends and fond memories at Preschool!

Children love to learn at our Preschool!





"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about."  ~ Angela Schwindt